What we do

“We help businesses solve core challenges by assisting them to achieve exponential growth.”

ThornTree Group unpacks the goals and strategy of a business and then optimises their use of technology and innovation, as well as the skills sets and intellectual property that the organisation has access to, in order to facilitate and energise expansion, growth, sustainability and profitability.

How we do it

Innovation and technology have a meaningful impact on businesses as a whole. How we deal with these changes is what influences success and sustainability.

At ThornTree Group, we collaborate with savvy leaders to help develop and implement holistic high-performance solutions and systems to ensure sustainability and create local and global opportunities.

Where We Can Assist:
  • Monitor and help organisations adopt global, local and industry trends;
  • Help optimise teams, leadership and corporate cultures (we make use of our high-performance assessments and utilise thought and industry leaders to provide further intervention);
  • Establish game-changing strategies;
  • Formulate implementation processes and capacity;
  • Mobilise high-performance teams and organisational culture;
  • Develop staff through skills facilitation and regular education;
  • Talent acquisition and retention;
  • Implement coaching and mentorship programmes;
  • Facilitate mergers and acquisitions to optimise and leverage opportunities;
  • Facilitate corporate finance and investment banking solutions to drive growth and expansion;
  • Drive growth into Africa using the newly-structured ThornTree Capital Fund.

Overview of Services

1. FINANCE: Corporate Finance and Investment Banking
ThornTree Group facilitates individuals and companies with raising capital, increasing capacity and expanding global operations.
2. PEOPLE: Performance Optimisation: Monitor, Skills, Facilitation, Education and Development
People and how they perform is a company’s biggest competitive advantage. Ongoing education, development and optimisation is the cornerstone of all lucrative project rollouts. It also ensures greater business success.

In aide of this, ThornTree Group creates fast-track programmes and interventions to upskill, coach and mentor both entrepreneurs and entire teams (throughout all levels of the organisation).
3. STRATEGY: Future Proofing Strategies
ThornTree Group looks at disruptive technologies, challenges and trends that impact business. We then work with organisations to not only plan for the future but also to take action by implementing those changes to create thriving, high-performance workplaces.
4. GROWTH: ThornTree Capital Fund
We are in the process of creating a special Capital Fund to facilitate acquisitions, mergers, expansions and business development. This will also ensure that we can structure business deals for success.

The fund operates in various sectors of business and supports select partner organisations to take greater advantage of predictable opportunities and promising potential projects.
5. EXPANSION: Globalisation and Internationalisation
ThornTree Group has the skills base to facilitate companies with expansion plans into Africa and global markets. We also assist foreign companies with entering the African marketplace.

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In order to thrive, smart leaders know they must optimise and leverage people and performance.

We are your strategic partner that helps and supports people, teams, leadership and companies to achieve and sustain exponential impacts and higher performance in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.
The Four Pillars of Exponential Organisations
We select, supply, support, optimise and synergise your:
  • People;
  • Teams;
  • Leadership;
  • Culture.
This assists businesses with embracing a consciously constructive high-performance optimisation (HPO) approach that supports people, planet and profits.

1. People Performance Services
  • Selection and placement;
  • Assessments – EQ, AQ, Values, Mindset, and Skills GAPS;
  • Consciously constructive development: upskilling and fast-tracking;
  • Coaching.

2. Team Building Services
  • Assessments;
  • Selection and structure;
  • Team dynamics optimisation;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Team coaching;
  • Team destiny, cause and calling (vision, mission, values);
  • Team culture optimisation;
  • Team celebrations.
3. Leadership Development Services
  • Assessments;
  • Executive coaching;
  • Development, fast-tracking and upskilling;
  • Strategic facilitation and retreats;
  • Leadership culture alignment and optimisation;
  • Feedback and feed forward facilitation.
4. Culture Shift Services
  • Assessment;
  • Clearing;
  • Rebuilding;
  • Optimisation;
  • Monitoring.

We help companies improve their appeal and brand for smarter talent development, retention and optimisation.

Claim your FREE HPO Assessment and Debrief to the value R20,000*
* For up to 30 people

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We are offering a totally confidential process to get an honest and insightful snapshot of how your team is performing against the HPO framework of the six proven criteria of high-performance organisations.

We measure culture, leadership, engagement, action, right mindsets, and execution

Step 1: Meet To discuss the HPO target team/s and intentions;
Step 2: Email requests to complete the confidential six section assessment;
Step 3: After completion time limit (5-10 days), the data is consolidated;
Step 4: We do initial data mining and visualisation preparation;
Step 5: Meet to present results, explore findings and insights, and use this opportunity to improve or address areas of concern and constraint.

This HPO Assessment gives an unrivalled insight to the heartbeat of your organisation.

Contact us to claim your FREE HPO Assessment and Debrief

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