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7 Important Tips for Submitting an Online Job Application
8 August 2018

Statistics show that approximately 50 percent of mid-sizedcompanies and almost all large corporations use an applicant tracking system(ATS) or online portals, to screen candidates for job opportunities.

There are a variety of reasons recruiters and hiring managersadopt this type of technology. With an ATS in place, human resourcesdepartments can automate and store hiring documents online so HR professionalsnever have to worry about sifting through stacks of paperwork or hundreds ofemails to find what they need.

Tips for successful salary negotiations - your approach (Part 2)
27 March 2018
Salary discussions with a potential new employer are always sensitive; with there being a fine line between negotiating your value based on your level of expertise and skills, the demand in the market, and the perceived value by the organisation trying to recruit you.

Tips for successful salary negotiations - consider all the perks (Part 1)
14 March 2018
Compensation is a vital conversation when being appointed for a new position – one that should not be risked by you just winging it. Your approach to the conversation is essential to your success. 
Going nowhere slowly? Here are 5 tips to help you set and achieve your career goals
13 February 2018
Been in the same position for ages and starting to feel restless? Or that you’re going nowhere slowly in your career? There’s no better time than now to find your path and make 2018 the year that you carve out the career of your dreams and start reaching those goals! 
11 Tips for making the best impression at your next job interview
6 February 2018
ThornTree MD, Alan Russell, shares fail safe tips on how you can approach your job interview and guarantee you make a good impression. Click to view the article.
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Just graduated and unsure of how to go about landing your first job? We have you covered
30 January 2018
Just as you succeed in what felt like the toughest time in your life, you get to face the next “grown-up” challenge and possibly the hardest one for the next 5 – 10 years of your career.  Your first job. 

Here’s a few tips and guidelines to help you enter this next phase.

Is December a good time to start a new job?
1 November 2017
So you’ve already decided that it’s time for a career move, or the very least a change in job, but with only two months left of 2017 you’re tempted to put job hunting on hold for the new year. Wise move - as conventional wisdom dictates that businesses are taking a break from hiring until the new year. Or is it a wise move? 
Older Job Seekers - What is preventing you from employing them?
6 June 2017
ThornTree works with a diverse spectrum of local and global clients and while the staff sourcing needs and preferences vary from company to company, ThornTree`s Managing Director, Alan Russell, has noticed one common thread in recent years. Their preference to only hire individuals under a certain age group. In this blog he looks at the benefits of employing staff over the age of 40. 
Online branding tips for job seekers and why you need it
9 March 2017
Team work has become integral in the modern workplace so it’s no surprise that companies now require employees to not only have the right technical abilities but soft skills too.  To assist in meeting this demand of selecting candidates that not only have the right skill set but best fit the management style and company culture, hiring professionals have started researching people online. Here’s how you can ensure your digital footprint works for you.

Are SA businesses geared to win the race for talent?
28 February 2017
Jeff Radebe SA’s Minister in the Presidency drew attention to the global fight for top talent at the recent World Economic Forum Workshop. In addition to South Africa`s context being that much more challenging due to only 25% of our labour force being skilled, poor local hiring processes continue to hamper SA`s ability to attract and retain talent. Alan Russell, Managing Director of ThornTree, unpacks this further in this article.


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