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With 104 years’ combined recruitment experience, and a global network of contacts, ThornTree is capable of handling the most demanding of placement assignments.

Servicing six key areas of specialisation – Accounting and Finance, Banking and Financial Services, Engineering, ICT, Sales and Marketing, and Africa Markets – the company has established a track record for sourcing candidates that deliver across a broad range of disciplines.

Executive Search

Finding the best of the best doesn’t just happen. At ThornTree we spend an inordinate amount of time cultivating our networks, identifying individuals who have that something special, that X-factor that makes them the diamonds worth chasing.

We conduct mapping exercises with candidates to identify their skillset of competencies, to determine the value they can add to an organisation and we do this across industry sectors. You can rest assured, if we bring you an executive for consideration he’s up to the task at hand.

We’ve also developed significant expertise in sourcing suitable non-executive directors for Board positions. With increased scrutiny on governance and related issues, we’re well equipped to assist in identifying and the selection of these important advisory posts.

Search and Selection

We start with the job specification and use typical head-hunting techniques to identify a list of suitable candidates for the position. We interview these – a comprehensive service that includes a number of checks – and refine to a short list to suit the position at hand.

Targeted search

This process includes identifying specific individuals within an industry or sector, through talent mapping exercises, who may have the characteristics and talents to suit the client’s particular future strategy. This, as the description describes, is a specific and directed exercise. This can be a very effective method for an organisation with a particular strategy in mind.

Targeted digital recruitment campaigns

This process makes use of a number of digital tools and platforms to tailor a campaign to suit a client’s particular needs. The exercise is implemented and managed by a team of social media and digital experts, who also oversee the screening of applicants to save clients’ time.

This is a people-focused approach combined with digital expertise that helps clients access the best available talent. It is a great way to tap into a large number of passive candidates in short time.

Online recruitment platforms

There are a number of publicly-accessed online portals but ThornTree also has access to a diverse range of closed networks where suitable candidates may be lurking. The ability to cover these wide-ranging platforms separates us apart from other agencies.

Network and database management

ThornTree employs a number of sector specialists, recruitment consultants with extensive knowledge of specific industries and specialisations. They are true professionals and, over time, have built up comprehensive networks of clients and candidates. And their expertise and connections are available for ThornTree clients and candidates alike.


South Africa is well recognised as the gateway to Africa for multinationals looking to establish themselves on the greenfield continent. However, many are looking to test the waters in a way that minimises their risk and exposure to what can be complicated staff requirements in terms of tax and other mandatory responsibilities. ThornTree has developed expertise in managing the payroll requirements of international companies hiring staff in the South African market.

Talent mapping and consulting

There are two additional ways that we add value to organisations: identifying available talent in South Africa and the continent, and assisting corporates in their succession planning.

Decisions to open new or move existing operations require, among other issues, a close look at the available human talent in the region, or the likelihood of suitable candidates to move to that location. Through our extensive continental network we are able to identify human capital opportunities as well as constraints and develop a staffing plan to meet your needs.

Succession planning – setting up a clearly defined plan to cater for business continuity – is sadly one of the most neglected areas within many organisations. The seamless transfer of authority, knowledge and leadership from the incumbent to the successor can be the difference from a company that continues with business as usual or one that falters and loses its way when there are senior leadership changes. And it doesn’t only apply to the chief executive, but any critical-skill position in the organisation.

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