Why Thorntree?

The thorn tree or Umbrella Thorn (Acacia tortillis), occurs throughout much of Africa. Firmly anchored on an uncompromising continent, the acacia thrives in harsh arid conditions, and provides a variety of vital life-giving resources to a diverse range of species.

From early Khoisan times generations of people have sought shade from the elements under the tree’s umbrella-like canopy. The shelter has proven to be a natural gathering point for people to come together and discuss community issues, meet for religious purposes, or to tend to the educational needs and well-being of the clan.

This symbiotic relationship between the community and nature is similar to the way that ThornTree Group interacts with all our stakeholders to provide a variety of value-adding services.

It’s a symbiotic partnership; one where ThornTree creates the space and expertise to bring the aspirations of all parties together, for their mutual benefit.

In a complex world, an effective team, with diverse skills and expertise, ensures greatest success.

Our Story

ThornTree Group (Pty) Ltd restructured and merged with Elaria Holdings to offer holistic solutions that drive company expansion and growth. We now offer services ranging from strategic restructuring to future scenario planning, international expansion, creative strategies, and staff and management solutions.

The origins of the businesses date back to the 1990’s and offers a collective of 80 years’ combined consulting and recruitment experience in-house. This experience spans the globe but has a major focus in Africa.

The management team of ThornTree Group is made up of Alan Russell: Founder and Managing Director, Zweli Dlomo: CEO, David Ortlepp: Group Strategist, Globalist and Facilitator of Mergers and Acquisitions, Charlotte Coetzee: Recruitment Team Manager and Raene Packery: Finance Manager.


BBBEE Level 2
Member of APSO
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Cape Town
Suite 13, 145 Blaauwberg Road
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South Africa
Tel: +27(0)21 557 4952

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